Bridges and Boardwalks

Scotlands beautiful natural heritage is unquestionable with it’s many rivers, burns, Lochs and streams.

This means that areas of our countryside require bridges to allow access to areas land for landowners, land management organisations, communities groups, recreation, tourists and more.  
Planning and measuring tape

Footbridges, Vehicle Bridge & ATV Bridges  

A.C.T Heritage have the specialist knowledge in construction of bridges for a variety of purposes from footbridges to bridges designed to withstand all-terrain vehicle through to bridges suitable for motor vehicles. A.C.T Heritage also provide maintenance and repair services for existing bridges 

For any bridge project, A.C.T Heritage will carry out a detailed survey and design the bridge so that the style and structure fits with the environment and location in which it will be built. We have project managers that will oversee the bridge construction and ensure the bridge structure meets technical specifications. Once the bridge has been completed, we provide the official certification and product guarantees necessary for insurance/legal purposes.  

Boardwalks and Viewing Platforms  

Boardwalks can be a great infrastructure solution for hard to reach areas as they allow for safe access, perfect for areas with a lot of tourist footfall. Viewing platforms provide a focal point for any path or project giving a unique prospective for viewpoints or areas of interest. A.C.T Heritage carefully select the materials used for construction so they are not only built to last but also fit into their surrounding environments, which is key to protect the natural heritage of the Scottish countryside. We can also provide maintenance services for existing boardwalks and viewing platforms to ensure their longevity. If you are looking at investing in a new bridge, boardwalk or viewing platform for your project, please get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs.


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