Design and Build

At A.C.T Heritage we can offer clients support from initial project conception, through design, build and completion.


Surveying & Consultancy

Surveys are an important early step in project development. A.C.T offer detailed surveying for your tracks and footpaths. This ensures that we can design projects that complement the landscape that they are part of. The surveys also allow our team to advise the best methods for construction and the materials that are suited to the environment of your project.

If you are unsure about the best way forward for your maintenance, development or community based project, A.C.T can help. With our broad expertise from years of working in remote environments across Scotland, we are on hand to offer friendly yet knowledgeable advice on your projects.


Project Management

A.C.T offer project management services, we can work with you throughout the life cycle of your construction project, it ensures we can provide open communication and you won’t have to wait for communication between multiple parties. Working with A.C.T Heritage through the full construction processes means we can ensure your project is completed to the high standards that make up part of the A.C.T Heritage ethos.


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