Estate & Groundworks

A.C.T Heritage understand the problems and difficulties of managing large estates that exist throughout Scotland.

Sometimes estate owners or public sector bodies can find themselves enlisting multiple external construction and conservation companies to handle their preservation, development and heritage needs.

Working with A.C.T Heritage means we can take care of construction works that would usually mean multiple contractors. Please get in touch to see what we can do for you. 


Hill Roads & ATV tracks

The size and terrain of large Scottish Estates means that it can sometimes be difficult to manage the landscape effectively due to distance and remote, problematic access to areas. A.C.T Heritage can maintain and develop existing infrastructure or build new access routes that fits in with the surrounding environment so that there is minimal visual and environmental impact.

The A.C.T Heritage team use modern techniques and design the tracks to follow the contours of hillsides and the natural flow of the land. All our hill roads and tracks get the same attention to detail as our paths making sure your project stands out for all the right reasons.

Hill Road

Vegetation clearance

Overgrown areas of an estate can be hard to get back under control, A.C.T Heritage are specialists in conserving and also making places accessible and usable. We have specialist equipment to take care of vegetation clearance with our tracked based flail and mulcher for overgrown tracks, roads and fields.

Vegetation Clearance

Small Scale Forestry Work

Our team also includes certified forestry workers which means we can take care of any of the smaller scale forestry work on the estate. We offer chainsaw services to carry out thinning and tree felling work, high level pruning to open up tracks as well as clearing and extracting.

ACT Heritage - High quality construction in environmentally sensitive and remote areas across the Highlands of Scotland

Maintenance Work

The A.C.T Heritage team are on hand to help with more general maintenance works across the estate, these include drainage works, ditching as well as track resurfacing. We do this with the care we take on larger projects as no matter what the job size is we are proud of the quality of our work. If you own or manage and estate, please get in touch with us to discuss your upcoming land maintenance and development projects.

Maintenance Work

Peatland Restoration

Peatlands are a common site around the highlands but on a world scale they are a very rare habitat. Our peatlands are degrading realising their stored carbon and adding to climate change. We are working with government backed parties to help slow and reverse the degrading of our peatlands and help them recover.

A.C.T Heritage bring our expertise from working in remote and sensitive areas to our peatland work. We have all the equipment needed with low ground pressure excavators with tilting digging buckets, track dumpers, flail mowers for heather harvesting and low ground pressure ATV’s. Our expertise for conducting air lifts means we can get materials needed out to very remote sites. We bring the same landscaping standards from our path work to leave sites looking untouched.

Peatland Restoration

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