Upland & Lowland Footpath Construction

Footpaths are a valuable resource which in Scotland we have an abundance of.

They take you to places you’ve never been before, provide a safe trail to follow in remote wilderness, give you access to the mountains and a chance to enjoy a trip with friends or family.

As well as providing access they are also important in securing the future of our remote and wild places.

Footpaths that are well constructed and designed help to mend erosion and maintain a route so the path line doesn’t spread causing wide unsightly erosion scares keeping our enjoyment of wild places and minimising our footprint on the environment.

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Machine Built

A.C.T Heritage provide the highest level of workmanship in our upland and lowland machine built paths. We use construction methods that minimise the visual impact on the surroundings and its habitats. A.C.T are a trusted contractor to use machinery in highly sensitive SSSI sites and high level remote areas where machines haven’t been allowed to operate before. Our landscaping techniques and forward thinking construction methods, combined with the use of modern equipment ensure we provide our clients with the best outcome for their projects.

There are all kinds of exciting things going on throughout out our forests and countryside areas. A.C.T Heritage are involved in a wide variety of works which include, heritage, community and wildlife projects, forest trails, family friendly cycle paths, mountain bike trails, large all abilities paths and much more. The increased use of woodlands and lowland areas for outdoor activities also puts a real emphasis on the need for conservation and management and this is where A.C.T Heritage can help. Accessibility is now a key part of the Scottish Countryside ethos. Talk to us  for more information on how we help.

Machine Path

Hand Built

There will be certain situations where it will not be possible for machines to reach the pathways that require maintenance or construction. This is where you can rely on the experience of A.C.T Heritage to use their knowledge and understanding of remote Scottish areas to get the work done in a safe and responsible manner without having an adverse effect on the wilderness.

Some of the reasons you may need to consider using traditional non-machine led methods of construction will be on high level mountain paths, areas that are particularly remote or access to the area is hard to reach. Where a site is sensitive and machinery is not allowed or for maintenance work where hand techniques would be less detrimental to the land than to bring machines in for a small project.

If you need paths created in remote, protected or high-level areas, or have weather damaged paths that require maintence then please get in touch and A.C.T can provide you with the best plan of action for your project, please get in touch.

Hand Build

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