Peatland Restoration

Peatland restoration

ACT Heritage specialise in the restoration of peatlands, a vital ecosystem with unique environmental benefits. We have worked with a wide range of clients over the years including RSPB, Woodland Trust, James Hutton Institute, Nature Scot and many more. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to bringing degraded peatlands back to life, recreating their natural hydrological and ecological functions.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of peatland ecosystems, our construction services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. From site assessment to long-term management, we provide comprehensive solutions to restore and conserve these valuable habitats.

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the site, identifying key ecosystem indicators and determining the extent of degradation. Using state-of-the-art techniques, we carefully analyse the current conditions and develop a customized restoration plan.

We employ tailored restoration methods to ensure water levels are maintained, replicating the optimal conditions for peat formation. Installing dams, bunds, and other strategic structures helps retain water within the restored peatland, promoting the growth of peat-forming vegetation and preventing further decomposition.

Vegetation re-establishment is a central focus of our work. By selecting native species and creating diverse microhabitats, we encourage the return of peatland-specific vegetation, including sphagnum mosses, sedges, grasses, and heather. Our team utilizes direct seeding and planting techniques to establish a resilient and biodiverse plant community.

Hill Road

Leaky Dams

Leaky dams are a form of Natural Flood Management (NFM). Barriers made of natural woody materials are laid within water channels and allow normal base-flows of water to pass through. When flood flows are higher, they create an obstruction to reduce the flow. They are designed to reduce the downstream flood peak by temporarily storing water by holding it back within the stream’s channel or encouraging it to spill onto the banks behind the barrier and slowing the flow.

Leaky dams typically a much lower carbon footprint than alternative flood mitigation methods, minimise disruption in the woodland area, enable the preservation of natural habitats while creating new riparian habitats.

Small Forestry

Wader scrapes

Wader scrapes are shallow depressions that are constructed in fields to benefit wading birds. They are designed so that they hold water for only part of the year.

They can be very important feeding sites for the chicks and adults of farmland waders such as lapwing and redshank as their gently-sloping edges support large numbers of invertebrates.

Maintenance Work

Ditch Blocking

At ACT Heritage, we specialize in ditch blocking – a proven method for restoring and managing wetland ecosystems. By strategically placing barriers in drainage ditches, we restore natural hydrological processes and promote the growth of wetland vegetation. We have specialist wide track machines, ensuring we keep as minimal impact to the sensitive areas we work in.

ACT Heritage - High quality construction in environmentally sensitive and remote areas across the Highlands of Scotland

By Hand Peatland restoration

At ACT, we also specialise in restoring peatlands by hand, without machines. Our dedicated team of experts utilises manual techniques to recreate the natural hydrological and ecological functions of peatlands. With a deep understanding of these unique ecosystems, we carefully assess and restore degraded sites by manually blocking drainage channels, revegetating with native species, and promoting water retention. By employing traditional, low-impact methods, we ensure the preservation of peatland biodiversity while minimizing disturbance to delicate habitats. Contact ACT Heritage for sustainable peatland restoration, achieved by hand without machines.

ACT Heritage - High quality construction in environmentally sensitive and remote areas across the Highlands of Scotland

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