Traditional stonework is seen throughout the Scottish Countryside.

not only on our natural heritage sites but across estates and farmlands and throughout our villages and towns.

Reasons for maintaining these traditional methods of building and land infrastructure are predominantly for retaining the visual impact of the area and protecting the traditional ways of building that are easily lost with modern methods and materials.

Stone wall and greenery

Dry-stone Walling

A.C.T are experienced stone workers accredited by the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) (add link) added to this our knowledge in working in remote and hard to reach areas means we are the perfect construction company to come to for your dry-stone walling construction and maintenance needs. We have taken on some interesting work over the years and have many ideas for more bespoke features for specific projects.

Dry Stone

Picking and Pointing

A.C.T use traditional mortars for picking and pointing works. We carry out these methods on traditional buildings, bridges and walls. They allow us to restore and future proof your projects without damaging the stonework we want to preserve. If you are interested in looking at options for your stonework get in touch with A.C.T Heritage for help with your project.

Pick and Point

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